The mission of this foundation is threefold:

Public Awareness – The fact that a cancer causing monkey virus was introduced into the human population by contaminated polio vaccines is known to most vaccine and virus researchers. It is not, however, known by most of the people who are infected. In fact, studies have reported that a significant minority percentage of Americans and Europeans are or have been infected with SV40. In addition, the public should be aware of the risks involved in creating or growing vaccines using animal tissues and cells; including the risk that contaminating viruses that are unknown to science can make their way into the final product. The dangers of cross-species viral infections should not be underestimated. New emerging human infectious diseases generally have their origins in other species.

Research – The source of SV40, its effect on health, and its role in cancer must be thoroughly understood. Despite a $5 billion annual budget for cancer research, the National Cancer Institute has not spent one cent to fund independent research into SV40. Because the government has been mandating and supposedly policing a vaccine (polio) that was the cause of SV40, it is highly sensitive to the liability and political fallout from independent scientific research that it cannot control. It is now time for the government to end its “CYA” approach to SV40 and take responsible steps to save lives.

Clinical Improvements – The biological mechanisms as to how SV40 interferes with cytotoxic therapy (chemotherapy, radiation) is already understood. Patients with SV40 associated cancers should have their tumors tested for SV40 so that they can choose from rational therapies if their cancer contains the virus. Cancer patients, especially children should not be forced or pressured into having debilitating cancer therapies that can offer no efficacy whatsoever.

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